Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me vs. Baking

My daughter loves Banana Nut Muffins.
So we thought,  
"We'll give this a shot."
We got this recipe over at Simply Recipes .

They turned out pretty yummy.
The kids laughed when we bought over ripe bananas.
"You can't use those mommy, they're bad."
No kids, they are just right. Trust me.

Tell me you would turn this down
with a warm cup of coffee.
You know you couldn't do it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I was featured at Delightful Order. I've never been featured before.
So excited. Thank you so much.
Check them out at here .

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I thought I would share some items I have aquired over time
that really brighten my day every time I use them.

This coffee cup I got at a yard sale for a quarter really makes me so happy.
It has a milk glass quality about it and I love the vintage design on the front.
I'm so proud to have extended it's life.

My next item is this container.
I use it for my cotton balls to take off my makeup.
The outside has a pearl sheen to it and the silver really sparkles and shines.
Again, thrift store, quarter.
I feel like a queen using it daily. One of the best quarters ever spent.

Went all out at the thrift store for this gem.
Spent a whole dollar. But there is something so fun about
using a vintage item like this for something as
mundane as gloves and hats.
I know I got a steal only paying a dollar for this,
because I see replicas selling for $20 or more.

Be aware of what is around you. If you need storage,
keep your eye open for storage solutions that will really bring you joy.
You're going to have to live with it,  let it serve you in multiple ways. 
 I'm really learning to surround myself with things I realllllly love.
And if you are creative, you really can do it on a budget.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Mantel

This is it. The shutters I found at the thrift store for ($2).
Used my Dollar Tree Hurricanes.
Bag of Sea Glass ($2)

This is Cardboard ($1)
wrapped in strips of an old white t-shirt.
Everything else I had on hand so my spending for the summer mantel was
a grand ($5)