Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Things..

These are a few of my Favorite Things...

#10 Woolite Dark - Love it, couldn't bring myselft to spend the money to try it, but got it from a friend, and so glad I did. I have really harsh water and it makes a big difference. My dark clothes are lasting longer.
#9 Bertolli - Chicken and Spinach - So glad it finally came down in price. Can't get enough of it.
#8 Hormel Pork Asu + Mahatma Yellow Rice - My Kids LOVE this and it's so easy. Dinner is ready in 15 mins. I fixed this for a dinner party, everyone asked me how to make it, I said "4mins in the microwave" no one believed me.

#7 Equate Eye Makeup Remover - I'm not one for buying alot of beauty products but boy am I glad I invested in this. It always took me forever to take off my eye makeup before, and soap always burned my eyes. This stuff works heavenly.
#6 Command Hooks - I was skeptical about how much weight they could actually hold. Bought them - tryed them- Can't brag enough about them. I should never have to put another hole in my wall ever again.
#5 Dobie Scrubbing Pads - Why are more people not using these. TRY IT!
#4 Walmart Brand Almond Bars - My new favorite snack, I know there is a ton of sugar in it but it is sooo good.
#3 Bones - Love that silly show. My new "X-Files"
#2 Cherry Cream Slush from Sonic - No matter how crappy the day, this always makes it better.

AND My #1 FAVORITE THING...........

My Hubby and Kids! OF COURSE, WHAT ELSE!  They are PRICELESS!

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